Book a place

Use the printable Booking Form (click to download it), or you can use the booking form in the printed brochure.  This form cannot be filled in on-line

Use the booking form on the back of the annual brochure   (available from end of July) You will need to send a cheque to cover the cost of the course/courses you have chosen to secure a place.

Your place is automatically booked on receipt of your payment.  We will inform you if there are no places available and will return your cheque (book early!)

BOOKING ON-LINE  for courses only  (Available from July) For the 2016/17 year we are offering the option to enrol and pay on line  for Norwich Courses using the Regional Web site.  Please make a note of the course reference of the course you wish to attend, this will make it easier to direct  you to the right page on the Regional web site.

TELEPHONE BOOKING (available from 2016/17)  If you find on-line form filling tiresone – you can book courses (not day schools) directly by calling  free-phone 0800328 1060 (Monday-Friday 10.00 am – 3.00 pm).  Have the details and ref. number of the course(s) you wish to attend  to hand.

 the first session and Enrolment*

As the courses are partly subsidised we have to undertake quite a bit of form filling at the start of each term.

For 2016/17 we are again allowing time for this paper work.  As you will see, the first session of each course starts half and hour earlier than usual.  This will give you a chance to complete any forms, talk to member(s) of the committee of any concerns, meet your fellow students and tutor and enjoy a cup of coffee (one free every session).  A particular advantage of this change is that the tutor can use the whole initial session to introduce the course instead of chasing bits of paper around!  We hope you approve.

If you are not able get to the first class at the earlier time, please make yourself known at coffee break in order to enrol and register then.

  • You will be asked to fill in a WEA enrolment form at the beginning of the Autumn term; you will only need to fill this in once a year.   Part of the enrolment form is kept by you and it includes your unique student number which you keep for the rest of the year. The enrolment forms go to the regional office; we depend on this happening to get the funding we need to carry on.
  • If you have booked on-line, you will not need to complete another enrollent form
  • Personal details on the form are confidential and are used for statistical purposes only
  • The tutor will be introduced and will
    • give you an outline of the course and what you can expect to learn
    • ask you to fill in a pre-course form asking about prior knowledge (if any) which you give back to the tutor; you will see this form again at the end of the course. The tutor is obliged to collect this information as part of his/her contract with the WEA – and most students find it very helpful
    • ask you to check your telephone number and email address on the register (so we can contact you easily if required)


* These notes apply to Courses only, not Day Schools.